Creamy Prawn & Mushroom Linguine | Close Encounters of the Cooking Kind

The prawn monster has been let loose in our flat again! She’s the cookie monster’s long lost sister, and her catchphrase is ‘Me want prawns.’ She has a bit more of an adult palate than cookie monster, and she might also very closely resemble someone called Alice. I’ve said it before and I’ll say a million […]

Lemon & Poppyseed Muffin Top Cookies | Close Encounters of the Cooking Kind

I was quite young when Seinfeld was on TV, but I distinctly remember the episode with Elaine and the muffin tops. I probably saw a re-run of it when I was a bit older, but I remember agreeing whole-heartedly with everything Elaine said about muffin tops, they’re most definitely the best part of a muffin. I always […]

Fried Rice | Close Encounters of the Cooking Kind

Ah, fried rice. You glorious side dish, you. You’ve got the perfect texture of rice that has stuck to the side of the wok and vegetables that are just tender enough. Your flavours are simple, yet varied. And you pair so well with any number of stir-fries, but also taste great on your own, reheated for […]

Blackberry Galette | Close Encounters of the Cooking Kind

A few weeks ago, Iain and I went blackberry picking. We didn’t go to a farm, or a designated place where you pay to pick berries, we just went to scrub-land near our flat and picked berries to our heart’s content. It shocked me that in this day and age, in a city with a population of […]

Toasted Ravioli | Close Encounters of the Cooking Kind

It’s amazing the kinds of things you can deep-fry, isn’t it? Apart from the usual suspects – chicken, fish, potatoes, donuts – it seems that if it’s a food, then someone has tried to deep-fry it. The Scottish are known for deep-fried Mars Bars, deep-fried ice cream hails from somewhere in Asia (or America according […]

Zucchini Bread | Close Encounters of the Cooking Kind

I think summer’s over. It was so nice and so fleeting and now it’s back to stereotypical London rain and cold. Iain thinks there will be an Indian summer. I’m such a pessimist when it comes to weather that I bet him it wouldn’t happen. We’ll see. I feel like I still had so many […]

Orange & Poppyseed Cake | Close Encounters of the Cooking Kind

I know you’ve heard of lemon and poppyseed everything before, but have you heard of it’s lesser known sister, orange and poppyseed? This lesser known sister is actually more popular in Australia than lemon and poppyseed and you can even buy it in packet cake mix form. Of course, a packet cake mix is blasphemy in the […]

Bolognese-Stuffed Pasta Shells | Close Encounters of the Cooking Kind

I don’t post a lot of photos to Instagram, which means that when I do post a photo, it’s got to have substance and a bit of meaning behind it. I don’t just want to post a picture of my breakfast for the sake of posting a picture of my breakfast, you feel me?! The most […]

S'mores Slice | Close Encounters of the Cooking Kind

S’mores are a big thing in America right? They seem to be the quintessential summer treat, perfect for camping trips and synonymous with the outdoors. There aren’t many components involved in making s’mores, but those components have taken on a life of their own. They’ve been incorporated into everything from muffins to ice cream. Three ingredients and […]

Chicken Pad See Ew | Close Encounters of the Cooking Kind

Do you remember all the rules that existed when you were a teenager? And how the tiniest bit of freedom made you feel so cool? At my school, when you reached Year 12, there were a few privileges that came with being the eldest and wisest students in the school. For one, we had free periods where […]


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