Cookie Butter Rocky Road

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few weeks, you’ve probably noticed that the soccer/football World Cup has started this week. I personally find soccer boring, but we have a sweepstake going at work, and I drew Brazil, so I’m interested enough to barrack for them, especially because they’re a decent team and have a chance (although they supposedly cheated in their opening match).

Cookie Butter Rocky Road | Close Encounters of the Cooking Kind

Australia are in the World Cup again, but we’re in one of the hardest groups, so there’s not much chance for us there. We’re not a big soccer nation like the European and South American countries, so we don’t usually do too well anyway. The English are still clinging to the dream that they’ll win because they did so in 1966. I don’t think they have much chance, but their conviction and dedication is admirable. I’ll follow the results, but you won’t find me watching too many matches.

Cookie Butter Rocky Road | Close Encounters of the Cooking Kind

Instead I’ll be doing my baking and cooking and enjoying the summer weather as long as it lasts. This week has been incredible and will hopefully last for the rest of the summer, but I feel like I’m jinxing it just mentioning it. So I’ll stop now and offer this Cookie Butter Rocky Road to the weather gods as a bribe instead.

Cookie Butter Rocky Road | Close Encounters of the Cooking Kind

Quite a few of the blogs I subscribe to have mentioned this illusive thing known as cookie butter/Biscoff/Speculoos butter/spread in their recipes, but I had always thought it was another one of those things that can only be found in America. I filed the recipes and gave them very little thought. Little did I know that a cookie butter revolution is taking place in the UK. In the last month or so, cookie butter has sprung up in every major supermarket in my area, even the one I frequent, which is notorious for stocking nothing! I bought two jars of it recently and have managed to restrain myself from scoffing the whole lot long enough to bake a few things with it. First was this Cookie Butter Rocky Road.

Cookie Butter Rocky Road | Close Encounters of the Cooking Kind

Cookie Butter Rocky Road | Close Encounters of the Cooking Kind

This rocky road isn’t really like the stuff that I grew up with, but I’ve discovered that rocky road is different around the world, so I’m going to claim it as rocky road in Alice-world and leave it at that. Did you know that rocky road was created in Australia? Fun fact of the day. I have to admit that I hate Australian rocky road because it has peanuts in it. I initially refused to eat British rocky road thinking it was the same, and then someone told me there were no peanuts in it here. I suddenly became a huge fan of British rocky road! This stuff isn’t really like the British one either, but it has marshmallows and chocolate in it, so it’s close enough to me.

Cookie Butter Rocky Road | Close Encounters of the Cooking Kind

Alice-world Cookie Butter Rocky Road has so few ingredients, but they meld so well that there’s a broader flavour than you expect. You just combine melted dark chocolate (I used 54%), cookie butter, marshmallows, speculoos or digestive biscuits and spread it all in a pan. Top with chocolate chips of your choosing then refrigerate and Bob’s your uncle. No baking necessary. It’s a tasty treat that doesn’t leave your kitchen an inferno in the height of summer. It’s win-win for everyone and the few minutes spent over the stove will be forgotten once the rocky road hits your lips!

Cookie Butter Rocky Road | Close Encounters of the Cooking Kind

Cookie Butter Rocky Road

  • Servings: 9-12 pieces
  • Print

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 5 minutes


200g dark cooking chocolate, broken into small pieces (I used 54% dark chocolate)

⅓ cup cookie butter

200g regular marshmallows, quartered (you can substitute with mini marshmallows)

7 digestive biscuits, cut into 1cm square pieces (can be substituted with 14 speculoos biscuits, cut into pieces)

50g white chocolate chips (or any other chocolate chips)


  1. Line a 20cm square cake pan with aluminium foil and set aside. In a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water (not touching the water), melt cooking chocolate, stirring until smooth. Add cookie butter and stir to combine.
  2. Remove from heat and add chopped marshmallows and digestive biscuits. Use a wooden spoon and stir to coat everything with chocolate. Spread mixture across prepared pan, then top with white chocolate chips and use the back of the wooden spoon to press down slightly.
  3. Refrigerate for two hours, or until chocolate has set completely. Use a sharp knife to slice into 9 or 12 pieces, depending on how large you want them.

Recipe adapted from Averie Cooks.




  1. OMG, these look amazing! I think I would make it then eat it all myself – yum!

    1. Thanks Lily, it’s definitely hard to share sometimes!

  2. Great looking recipe Alice! You can find cookie butter in most places in the US it’s true, yet I have yet to try it out on its own or in a recipe for myself. These look like the perfect application though. Good job 🙂

    1. You definitely need to get your hands on some cookie butter, Jess! It is sooo good!

  3. Wow!!! I can’t express how great these look! And sound!! Wow!!!

    1. Thanks Lori!

  4. Love rocky road so much! I can’t really understand some people’s obsession with peanuts or PB! I actually had my first piece of rocky road in ages today at a cafe- I’d almost forgotten how good it tastes! Love the photo’s- definitely got to try your recipe. Looks fab and only takes 10 minutes to make. 🙂

    1. Quick and easy sweets are always the best. Glad I’m not the only one who isn’t a fan of peanuts. This is probably one of the few times I’ll admit that the British version is so much better than the Aussie!

  5. huntfortheverybest · · Reply

    this sounds so good. i love everything in it. yum!

  6. Maggie · · Reply

    And here I always thought Rocky Road was made with almonds and not peanuts. Looks great!

    1. From my vast research (on Wikipedia!), it seems that American rocky road does normally have almonds. Australian rocky road always seems to have peanuts, which is why I hate it so much! British rocky road has no nuts at all. They’re all so different, it’d be really interesting to learn when the variations came into the mix and why.

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