Chocolate Biscuit Slice

An easy, elegant, no bake slice consisting of a rich chocolate coating encasing layers of biscuits then topped with coconut and almonds. Perfect for those times when you want the best results for the least amount of effort!

Chocolate Biscuit Slice | Close Encounters of the Cooking Kind

Wooot! The long weekend has arrived! This is probably my favourite weekend of the year, because we get not one, but two public holidays. Two! That means four days off in a row. I’m sorry to any religious people out there who uphold the true meaning of Easter if I cause any offence, but I really do enjoy this weekend every year. It’s a chance to go travelling and explore a city or country in more depth than a regular two or three day weekend trip allows.

This year, Iain and I are going to Poland for the long weekend. We’re able to spend time in both Warsaw and Krakow because we have four whole days to go exploring. Poland has been on my European bucket list since I moved to the UK. It’s got a really fascinating history, good food, and it’s a short hop, skip and jump from London, so it’ll be great to finally tick it off.

Chocolate Biscuit Slice | Close Encounters of the Cooking Kind

We’re off bright and early tomorrow morning, but for the rest of this evening, you’ll find me raiding the fridge for the leftovers of this Chocolate Biscuit Slice. It’s similar to a hedgehog slice in Australia, but the version of the recipe I followed was for the Danish equivalent – Kiksekage.

Chocolate Biscuit Slice | Close Encounters of the Cooking Kind

Iain and I were recently in Denmark, and while we didn’t try any Kiksekage there, I’ve been tossing around the idea of creating posts based on recipes from the countries we visit, so thought I’d give it a go today. This is a simple, no bake slice that tastes great without taking up too much of your time. It’s perfect to snack on or to serve for dessert when you don’t feel like putting too much effort into it but want a pretty and tasty result.

Chocolate Biscuit Slice | Close Encounters of the Cooking Kind

Think rich chocolate encasing biscuits that soften as the slice sets, then top it with desiccated coconut and chopped almonds, and you’ve got a winning combination. Feel free to mix up the toppings to suit your tastes or omit them completely if that’s the way you roll.

Chocolate Biscuit Slice | Close Encounters of the Cooking Kind

Chocolate Biscuit Slice

Prep Time: 10 minutes + cooling overnight
Cooking Time: 5 minutes


Cooking spray
300g dark chocolate, broken into pieces
1 (397g) can condensed milk
40g butter
15-20 plain store-bought biscuits, such a Milk Coffee, Rich Tea, Malt or Marie biscuits  (rectangular or square works best, but round would be fine too)
2 tbsp desiccated coconut (optional)
2 tbsp roughly chopped almonds (optional)


  1. Spray a 21cm x 11cm loaf pan with cooking spray and line with baking paper.
  2. In a medium saucepan, combine dark chocolate, condensed milk and butter over low heat, stirring until butter and chocolate have melted, about 5 minutes. Remove from heat.
  3. Pour enough of the chocolate mixture (about a quarter of the mixture) into the prepared loaf pan to cover the base. Use a wooden spoon to spread across the base, then line with a layer of biscuits, trimming them to fit in the pan if necessary.
  4. Pour another quarter of the chocolate mixture on top of the biscuits and use the wooden spoon to spread chocolate to cover biscuits completely. Add another layer of biscuits and repeat steps to create a total of four layers of chocolate with three layers of biscuits in between.
  5. Sprinkle desiccated coconut over the top, followed by chopped almonds, then press very lightly into the chocolate. Refrigerate overnight to fully set. Use a sharp knife to slice when serving.

Recipe adapted from Sweet Sour Savoury.



  1. This is my kind of recipe! Love it!

  2. This looks divine! I love chocolate biscuit slice! Easy to make and a tasty sweet treat!

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